Psycho-physical geography

Photo by Simon Bruntnell_C0A1619


My new body of work brings together two themes that I have been concerned with over the past 6 years. The representation of the figure has always been a strong aspect of my work, and my primary focus has been in its external composition; treating the glass as a surface to sculpt, rather than a material with accessible depth.


My still life series has been an exploration of the internal structure of glass and its ability to interpret the inside of fruits and flesh whilst using the profiles of other objects to create a familiar context and format.


In my new series I have used the abstracted profile to create a window into a supposed or imagined landscape, utilising the depth and transparency of the material.

I was interested in creating a less literal representation of the internal environment and to imply its unavoidably abstract nature.


As a student of psychology, I believe that our understanding of the mind, and its true effects on the body, are derived from mostly theoretical constructs, leaving the objective truth open to interpretation.





Psycho-physical geogoraphy


ElliotWalker-ESPhotography-9412 E_Walker,_Psychophysical_geography._simon_bruntnel

Psycho-physical geogoraphy


Psycho-physical systems

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Psycho-physical Flux

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