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"Before I began my career in glass I was a Psychology undergraduate. I was much more interested in the sciences when I was in school and my degree in Psychology cemented my knowledge of biology and the chemistry of the mind."


Elliot's Insight series makes use of his skills as a glass sculpture and the glass makers’ on-going fascination with the historic Venetian practice of pulling glass cane.

Cane are long decorative rods of glass that are usually produced over a number of 'pulls', using cane to create cane of increasing intricacy and pattern.


"Venetian style cane is such a huge area of glass making around the world that it’s very difficult to avoid using it or experimenting with it in some way, not that you would want to avoid it; it's really amazing stuff"


"This series is my personal favourite and is the one that I see as having the most room for expansion. All my works are constantly in a state of flux, never stationary and always evolving, but it is the Insight series where I can see my greatest level of personal expression in the future"