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"I've never been a great painter, or at least not a very interesting painter. The realm of colour is just too vast for me to understand, and when I see a great combination of unusual colours it really impresses me. I've always been more interested in the composition of paintings and the symbolism, especially in ecclesiastical art. Still life, of course, is rife with symbolism and layers of interpretation.


Elliot's Still life series has been described as "visually breathtaking. His pieces have a look of solidity while at the same time being extremely delicate" - "surprising and unique among glass artists."


"Colour does play an important part in my work, and can be used as a point of reference when interpreting the works. In the piece 'just one cup' (2015), I have used a radioactive uranium glass to create a selection of bones."


Elliot is constantly experimenting with the still life format and exploring new themes and narratives, reaching surprising conclusions that test and expand his skills as an artist and a craftsman.




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Still life with lime


Still life with fruit


Hunger Perfect


just one cup


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center piece


Perfect Bounty