'Surf and Turf represent the best of my work, and the largest still life pieces I have created to date. These pieces are created using colourless glass but as in all of my work, colour is an important factor. Natural silica crystals as well as manmade prisms and lenses have the ability to distort and fragment light into its visible spectrum and to optically magnify objects within, beneath and behind them. This can be a visually dazzling and disorienting effect and ever changing depending on the position of the viewer.'


Taking inspiration from the great masters of the still life genre, particularly Van Beijeren and Steenwyck, Walkers new pieces focus on the importance of light in ‘leading the eye’, as well as brilliantly exploiting the optical qualities of glass.

A delicately positioned glass lobster acts as the key object in Surf and a towering bowl of exotic fruits lord over corn cobs, meats and tableware, leading down to a shimmering expanse of iridescent PVC.


‘The lobster itself was an incredible challenge to create. Each component is first sculpted and then held in ‘stasis’ at 500 degrees centigrade until the time comes for it to be welded into place on the body. It’s a dance and at any point the entire piece can detach from the blowing iron to smash on the floor. 8 hours of heavy concentration and heat can seem like days …..’


Each piece is hand sculpted and a work of art in itself. Combined they create a sumptuous array reminiscent of Jan Davidsz De Heem’s ‘Still life with a Lobster’  


‘The name of these pieces is kind of a joke. Most still life painting have very uninspired titled, purely descriptive in nature and it appealed to my humour to have these pieces, which have taken me so much time and consideration, named after a pub classic.’




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